Al Mulla Exchange ties up with City Express Money Transfer for remittance services

  • August 28, 2021

Remittance services between Al Mulla Exchange and City Express Money Transfer have now commenced.
Nepalese migrants residing in Kuwait can now use the services provided by Al Mulla Exchange and send money to their loved ones in Nepal through City Express Money Transfer. The senders can deposit the amount in any bank account in Nepal either through direct account transfer or wallet deposit. City Express Money Transfer has over 12,000 payout locations across the country through which beneficiaries can receive the amount sent.
City Express Money Transfer has been a pioneer in Nepal’s remittance industry for the last 15 years, offering fast, easy and secure services to the nationals residing in Nepal and abroad. The company has been providing secure and convenient services by helping Nepalese migrants send their hard-earned money to their loved ones in different parts of the country.

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