Five Benefits on using a mobile application for remittance

  • May 26, 2022

As the world is turning digital, the Remittance industry has also adapted to digitizing. Now let’s see some of the advantages of this.

1) Saving Time:
People don’t have the time to spend in banks or remittance companies when they can send money instantaneously with mobile app.

2) Improved Security in online money exchange:
In terms of security, remittance companies use enormous security systems on software and hardware levels and it is also the user’s end that has been made secure.

3) Managing the transaction flow:
With mobile remittances, transaction are instantaneous and they are kept updated of their transaction status.

4) Value added Benefits:
In addition to offering world-class remittance service, the customers gets maximum benefits from the money send including Free Life Insurance Coverage.

5) Instantaneous Customer Support:
With mobile remittances, customer support has become faster, more efficient, and more powerful. People don’t have to wait long to get assistance.

Al Mulla Exchange, which was the first exchange company in the Kuwait to opt for mobile-based remittances. We will be the one who guides you by providing time saving, secure and top-notch customer support with instant notification updates and competitive transfer fee.

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