Must know facts about Remittance

  • March 28, 2022

There are certain factors you should know about Remittances in general. As some of the most believed things about Remittances are not true, it is important for us let us break it down into the most common beliefs and understand them.

1. Remittance is not quite expensive

There is this most common myth that remittance is way too expensive for a common man. Let’s settle this now.

No, it is not. It is no secret that for every transaction one makes, there is a fee involved. And that goes for remittance too. Every bank and every remittance company has their own transaction charges, whether it is expensive or not, is purely subjective.

If you still think remittance is expensive, you would probably change your mind when you remit with Al Mulla Exchange. Comparing to the services we offer, the ease of transaction and the swiftness of exchange, you would think nothing of the cost involved.

2. Remitting through Mobile Apps are safe

That is true. It is conventionally believed that when you go to a bank or a remittance company in person and do the transaction, your money is safe, which of course, is true.

But this doesn’t mean that when you transfer through Mobile Application, it somehow becomes unsafe. It doesn’t. Al Mulla Exchange’s Mobile Remittance App has been people’s favourite for a long time now and the award (Ranked 1st in Kuwait) by Forbes Middle East is a proof of that.

Remit through Mobile App because convenience is key and it is as safe and secure as any and every physical transaction.

3. Remittance companies are not risky

Remittance companies constantly keep finding ways to serve you better. These companies positively affect the economies of receiving countries and help increase the standard of living of the families.

The establishment of 105th branch of Al Mulla Exchange in Kuwait, is a proof of credibility and people’s trust in Remittance companies. With us, there is no risk involved, only innovative remittance.

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