Remittances to the UK, USA, and Canada are simplified with Al Mulla Exchange

  • August 31, 2022

Al Mulla Exchange, a member of Al Mulla Group and a leading remittance and foreign exchange company in Kuwait, is constantly making remittances as convenient as possible for everyone in Kuwait. In addition to its remittance services to many Asian countries, Al Mulla Exchange also provides swift, safe and reliable money transfer services to the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and many other countries around the world. Working closely with our global Business partners, Al Mulla Exchange has raised the quality benchmarks in the remittance industry and proudly provides seamless money transfer experiences to clients wherever they are. Gone are the days when remittances to Western countries used to be stressful and took several days to reach their beneficiary. Those delays came with hefty back end charges that customers had to bear. Al Mulla Exchange has a strategic objective to continuously invest in modern technology that would enhance its offers, products, services, and overall customers’ experience. Customers can now receive money fasters almost instantly in many cases, and at very nominal fees. Remittances to the United Kingdom are credited within minutes, even on weekends with lesser commission and with no back end charges. This holds true for the services to other European countries. Say no to overpriced service charges and lower exchange rates; with Al Mulla Exchange, you can benefit from faster credit, better rates, and lower commission. Remittance services are available at our over 106 branches across Kuwait, and more conveniently through the Al Mulla Exchange App. for smart phones. Most recently, Al Mulla Exchange has been ranked among the “Top 5 Exchange Houses in the GCC Going Digital” according to Forbes Middle East’s customer survey. To learn more, follow Al Mulla Exchange social media pages. For more details visit our website and/or contact us at Hotline 1840123 on WhatsApp or normal calls.

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